You Might Need These Stuffs To Boost Your Study Spirit!

Study table is an important spot for students. Since most of the universities have implemented online classes, students spend most of their time in front of the laptop.

So, to make things interested as well as to boost your spirit to study, here are the few things you could buy to upgrade your study table.

These things not only look pretty and tidy, but they would also make you comfortable while doing your assignments and attending your online classes. The best part is you could get all these things from Shopee or Mr. Diy with affordable price!

Laptop Stand

In my opinion, buying laptop stand is the best investment for students. Laptop stand raised the computer to the eye level, so students do not have to worry anymore about having back pain and neck pain. Plus, it helps to correct our body posture.

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Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Wireless keyboard and mouse make things much more easier for you when you have a laptop stand. You do not have to type on your laptop’s keyboard because it can cause your arms to be sore. Furthermore, you can type faster while you keep a distance from your laptop (good for your eyes too!).

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Cork Board or Whiteboard

Online classes might be a hassle and sometimes you might forget when the deadline is, as well as your weekly tasks. By having cork board or whiteboard, you can jot down your to-do-lists or anything that you do not want to miss. Suitable spot to stick cork board or whiteboard is on the wall of your study table. It will be easy for you to check on your list. You can buy it at Mr. Diy!

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Table Lamp

Believe it or not, lighting plays an important role for us to stay focus. Dim lighting can harm our eyes by causing Myopia (near sightedness) and also it will lower someone’s learning efficiency.  Choose much more brighter bulb with a cooler white to natural daylight range (4000K to 6500k). 

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Humidifier Diffuser or Oil Burner

Okay, this one has been the talk of the town. People been using and recommend it online. Humidifier or oil burner help students to feel more relax and calm. This is a good way for students to feel less stress by surrounded with aromatherapy fragrance. These stuffs can also boost the students’ mood. 

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Invest on these things and you would not regret it!


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