Do you guys know what’s the difference between RON95 and RON97? Actually there are differences between them. People always seems to think that actually RON97 is better than RON95. Now what is RON? Based on a post from Twitter, a guy named Mas Faiz Hakim shared some info regarding RON95 and RON97.

RON stands for Research Octane Number. The engine vehicles that we used everyday were designated to be fueled up with petrodiesel, that is obtained from the distillation of fossil fuel. There are two types of fuel that are generally being used up till today.

  • Petrodiesel
  • Biodiesel


Now, this author will explain only about petrodiesel that we commonly use everyday. There a few points that you need to understand about the RON:

  1. Knocking: The pre-ignition of fuel due to pressure, before spark plug flame could reach.
  2. Higher RON rating, reduces knocking thus complete combustion.
  3. Engines of high compression ratios such as Nissan GTR requires high RON numbers.
  4. Check your service manual when you buy a new car as engines are designated with minimum requirement of RON.
  5. Using higher RON rating for a lower performance engine will result in the fuel taking longer time to combust. The engine needs to do extra effort to burn them causing inefficient engine performance.

Our society always think that RON97 produces more power which is imprecise. However RON97 is better for long term combustion during top speed due to complete combustion and it saves the environment and the car engine.

So what you have to do is to improve car performance, you need to improve the engine compatibility, instead of fueling it with RON97. By pumping RON97 into a car that only requires RON92, you will only wasted your money.

The author conclude his thread by highlighting these points:

  • RON is not the measurement of energy content or having a faster car
  • Use fuel with optimum RON rate designed for your vehicles


Drive smart, Malaysians!

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