Do you know someone who are scared of horror movies but they still watch them for the kick of it? Or are you that type of person? The heart racing, scream inducing scenes that makes you sit on the edge of your seat looking through your fingers actually does something to your body.

This theory was tested by the makers of the film ‘Hereditary’. They let viewers monitor their heart rate with an Apple Watch and called it the ‘Heart Rate Challenge’. They received results that were as high as 140,157 and 164 beats per minute (BMP).

How does scary movies actually affect our hearts, and will it bring us more damage than good?

According to a cardiologist from Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona, Dr. Regis Fernandes explains that a scary movie actually triggers our bodies’ ‘fight or flight’ response. In result, this spikes our heart rates and increase our blood pressure. It is an instinct that most of us cannot control.

The scare we receive is similar to the basic heart rate of a mild-to-moderate exercise. However, this can be quite detrimental to people with heart conditions or high blood pressure and psychological effects are a whole different problem.

Everyone can enjoy themselves a few horror scares, but if you are diagnosed with heart conditions, high blood pressure or you have a weak heart, it is advised to avoid scary movies to prevent from facing dire emergencies.


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