Have you ever feel that the job that you are doing right now is boring? Well actually it might not be that boring if you are actually enjoying your job.

However if you ever feel that you want to change your job, the list of jobs below might be interesting for you!


  • Professional Sleeper 


Photo: Simply Healthy Sleep


If you are a ‘sleepyhead’ or you just love to sleep, then this job suited you the most!

A hotel in Finland hired a staff member as a ‘professional sleeper’ to test the comfort of their beds. The staff chosen will sleeps in different hotel beds each night and let he sleep on it. Later on the staff will gives his review about each of the bed.


  • Full-time Netflix Viewer


Photo: Bandt


What could be better than staying all day at home and just watching TV? On top of that you even get paid for it!

Netflix had hired someone to watch all their content before it is being made available for the public to watch. Their task is to review and divide each of the program according to their tag to make it easier for us viewers to find exactly what we want.


  • Train Pusher


Photo: Azvision


When it comes to the peak hours, public transports such as train and bus will be packed with hundreds of people rushing to get home. Thus, in this situation, train pusher is there to help. In Japan, train pusher or known as ‘Oshiyas’ are hired to push as many people onto the train as possible until the doors is close.

Keep pushing or you might miss the train!


  • Snake Milker


Photo: Pharmatechnologist


Obviously, this job is not for the ‘faint’ heart. Unlike milking the cow or goat, this job require the snake milker to take the venom of poisonous snakes in jars to be use in making anti-venom and other type of medications.

You really gotta be brave enough for this job!


Source: Undercover Recruiter



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