Wearing Black: Knowing Yourself In Your Favourite Colour

Black is a controversial colour, often confederated with dark aura, depressed and negativity. However, despite of these bad association, black is such a colour that loved by people all over around the world. Even though, black is considered as no colour, it still a colour that everyone would have in their outfits collection. So, what is wearing black really say about your personality?

Here is some of wearing black that defines your personality according to psychologist: 

1. Good at hiding your emotions.

Your feelings are not easily visible for the world as emotional stability is important to you. People around you are always keep guessing about how do you feel almost all the time. However, conceal your emotion doesn’t assure you are not vulnerable to feel hurts like others. 

2. A person with a clear vision

You’re not a person who needs to be told about what you need to do or what you want in your life. You knows exactly what you want to eat, to dress and to achieve in your life. You maybe also can get irritated by someone who always choosing or deciding something for your life.

3. A serious person

You are a serious person. You might heard about it a lot from people around you. Due to your serious nature you often seem intimidating to some people. People also being cautious whenever they talk to you or be around you.

4. Independent person

Asking help from others is something that you avoid the most. You like to do almost everything by yourself and as you love do everything by your own you might find difficulties to ask for help whenever facing something that you can’t handle. 

5. A vigilant person

You do not have many friends as you value the quality more than quantity. You also surrounds yourself with people that you only can put your trust on. You also don’t get close with people easily as privacy is imperative for you.

Wearing black make someone appears elegance, classy and professional in the same time. Nevertheless, no matter what kind of colour that you like, wear it confidently and as long as you comfortable with it, as long as that you can shine in any colour.


  • Afifah Basirah Binti Salleh adalah pelajar Fakulti Filem, Teater dan Animasi (FiTA) UiTM.
  • Prof Madya Dr. Mohd Syuhaidi Abu Bakar adalah Pensyarah Kanan dan Timbalan Dekan Penyelidikan dan Jaringan Industri (FiTA) UiTM.

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