Venom: A Review

Marvel has did it again. But this time they did not bring a super hero. In fact they bring an anti-hero.

The story tells about Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), a journalist that try to undercover the research done by Life Foundation, which belongs to Carlton Drake. What the foundation did was they bring back symbiotes, some type of alien in an attempt to find a new habitable world. However, their act of pairing random people with the symbiote will kill the person if the pairing did not work.



Suprisingly, one of the symbiote named Venom bonds well with Eddie when it accidentally transfers to Eddie’s body. The effect of the bonding results in Eddie having superpowers.

Personally I think that this movie is also the same type as previous Marvel movie where a hero will come out to save the world What differentiate this movie from the other Marvel movie is that the hero appears to be an anti-hero, where sometimes he might be on side with the hero or the villain side. The alien genre can also be seen as typical element is English movies where aliens will come to invade the peace on Earth.

However, I personally like to said that I do like this movie as it features lots of action and the story-line is also not that hard to understand. Do watch this movie at your nearby cinema now!

Here’s a little preview for those who didn’t watch it yet:


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