Trendy Or Trashy? 3 Tips On How To Avoid From Being A Fashion Victim

Everybody wants to be fashionable. The fashion world is evolving day by days and of course nobody wants to miss out. But, blindly dressing up to the trend can also be a big disaster for you.  No worries, we got your back. Here we will be sharing a few tips that maybe will be a great help and save you from falling victim under the name of fashion.

1. Do not shop alone

Alright this is most basic among all. Some might prefer to shop alone. But did you know that people ended up becoming a fashion victim because they blindly put clothes and accessories in their cart? We advise you to invest on a personal shopper to be on your side during shopping time. Professional personal shopper has a keen eye on fashion. Their insight on fashion will help you articulate your style. So, we think a few investments on them will be worth it. Those who can’t afford personal shopper, bringing your most fashionable friends will be a great help too. Your opinion on fashion matters but listening to other people perspective won’t hurt you also.

2. Considered your fit

Watching your favourite influencer and artist using certain type of trendy clothes does not mean that it will also fit you. When putting on clothes, a few considerations need to be made. You need to consider whether the style and motifs compliment your body proportion and size. For example, big and bold prints that can be varied to flowery and geometric shape are not suitable for someone who are petite since it can swallow their body whole. So, it will be best for you to spend some time and Google or or read any fashion magazine before you decided to follow the trend.

3. Accessories matters too

Some people really do pay attention only on their clothes. But have you given a thought that maybe it’s not really your clothes? Disregarding your choice of accessories can make even the trendiest clothes looks like a mess. Put on accessories especially shoes, bags and even necklaces that match your fits for the day. Considered using accessories that emphasize your style not overshadowed them whole that ended up making you look like a torn-up mess.

Alright folks, that is all from us. We know that it’s hard to articulate your style since the trends rapidly change these days and it’s very hard to keep up. But we hope that the tips given can be a great help for people who are looking forward following the trend and not ended up looking like a fashion victim.


  • Norfarisha Farhana binti Abdullah adalah pelajar Fakulti Filem, Teater dan Animasi (FiTA) UiTM.
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