The Unexpected

By: Eun Hanee

Sweat dripping, my breath has become raged. Heart thumping so fast that I can’t barely talk. If only I didn’t follow Leya to South Korea, I would never have to run this fast.


3 days ago

“Mira, accompany me to South Korea please?” begged Leya. Yes, I knew she is an avid fan of Jetski but I really did not expect that she would spend half of her first salary going to South Korea!

I continue to throw my stare towards the pavement outside the cafe while sipping my bitter Mocha. I guess this is a bad day after all. Even the barista could not measure the right amount of coffee shots poured into my drink. Sigh.

“Come on Mira. Please do not stare blankly like that and do not sigh. I know this is so out of the blue but… but Jetski is having their concert and I happened to be so damn lucky to get the ticket!” Leya keep on grabbing my wrist and doing her puppy eyes.

“Yes, try again Leya. Your puppy eyes are so outdated,” I half-heartedly replied to her reasoning.

We are both in silence. Leya cannot hide her disappointment. Now, it is her turn to stare blankly. I cannot help but notice her eyes started to get teary.

Again I continue sighing. “Leya, it is not that I am mad at you. You do not have to cry.”

The sound of coffee machines grinding the coffee beans filled our conversation. We have been friends for 10 years. The first time I met Leya was during high school. She was so hype yet people around her stay away from her. They were spreading rumours that she was learning weird language called ‘Hangul’ to recalled the dead.

Yes, it was so damn funny when I found out that she actually learnt Hangul to understand the lyrics to Jetski’s songs. Apparently, they just spread the stupid rumours because they were jealous of her rich family. Kids.

“Okay Leya. I will follow you to South Korea but on one condition…,” Leya pupils started to dilate and she started to smile.

“Next time, please remind me of your plan earlier before I book the hotel. I am lucky enough that the resort we have planned to stay agree to refund my money. If not, I swear I will kick your Jetski’s butt,” Leya starts to jump inside the cafe like a kid getting a candy.

I guess I am going to South Korea after all.

Yes, Mira. Another country to cross out of the map.




Our first day in South Korea was so hectic as we apparently booked the flight tickets very late – Thanks to Leya. We arrived at Incheon International Airport on the day of the concert.

We barely have time to settle down in the hotel room as Leya keep insisting on trying the tteokbokki stall near the stadium that we were heading to for the concert.

Again, despite I was being dragged to South Korea on a short notice, I was glad that I agree on going for this so called trip as Leya is a saviour. She is so fluent in Hangul as this is not her first time here and thanks to her much interest in Jetski, I was able to shop for the souvenir easily on our way to the stadium.

“Auntie, please give me two fish cakes and one large bowl of tteokbokki,” Leya fluently orders our lunch from a rather aged stall.

I was stunned that I started to distance myself from the front of the stall. I decided to wait at the table after all. As I was stepping away from the stall, I accidently hit a table causing a bowl of tteokbokki to slip and fell onto a gentleman’s lap.

“What the hell?!” shout the man. He was wearing a sunglasses with a cap. His all black wardrobe making him look so… noticeably in disguise?

He quickly regretted his shouting reflex as few heads started to turn toward him.

Then Leya started to shout “That is Matthew!” causing the man to grab his backpack and run on his feet toward a large black van waiting at the end of the road.

A group of girls started to run toward the van in hope of catching a glimpse of that ‘Matthew’ guy.

“Mira!” Leya started to shout my name as she walked towards me.

“I cannot believe it. How could you not notice Matthew?” said Leya.

“Who the hell is Matthew anyway? Now explain to me again why this is so important than my stained shoes because of that jerk tteokbokki!” Now it is my turn to shout.

I shouted so loud that my throat started to hurt.

As I was grabbing my neck, I noticed that there was no chime that would usually come with a single movement on my wrist.

“Leya, my bracelet! It’s gone!” Suddenly I felt like the world is crashing down.

My bracelet, my precious bracelet given by my late father has gone!


Featured Image: Adobe Stock

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