The Immortal Jellyfish

Have you ever wonder how it feel like to be able to live eternally? Well you must think it is impossible because when the times come death will come to you. However there is a creature can live eternally. Can you believe it? What makes it more interesting is the creature that is able to live eternally is jellyfish!



This creature is called Turritopsis dohrnii. Actually the jellyfish is a very weird species. They have no brain, stomach, respiratory system, circulatory system. Maybe it’s different from the others. However this one species is REALLY different from the others as it is capable to live eternally. Now what gives it the superpower to live the eternal life?

Based on the research done by the scientist, this jellyfish will revert its cells to their earliest form and grow anew, whenever they are faced with crisis. As a creature that lives in the ocean, it is widely spotted in the Mediterranean but now it can be found all over the world. This jellyfish also prefer warm waters but have also been seen in colder areas too.




The physical features for Turritopsis is bell shaped with several tentacles. For a baby turritopsis the size is only 1mm and a fully grown turritopsis is only 0.18 inch or 4.5mm in size. In fact, it is even smaller than your pinky nail!

Turritopsis is said to immortal by ongoing through a stage called planula where it will swims freely. After that the planula will become polyp as it will attach itself on the ocean floor. The ployp will later on develop to medusa or a fully mature jellyfish. Whenever it is injured it will change back its state to polyp and the cycle will continue.


Photo: Hubpages


Turritopsis will defense itself through stings. It is also toxic for the fish but not to humans. Although this jellyfish is said can lead an immortal life, it can still die. This is because it still not safe from the predator or fall prey to disease.



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