When the word mating comes, people will always get the idea of both side being so in love to each other. However, that is not the same case for the praying mantis. In the praying mantis cases, once they are done mating, the female will kills the male instantly by biting off the male’s head and eating it. Crazy right?

Female praying mantises have a habit of killing and eating their partners during sex, which sucks for the male. Or does it? A fascinating new study shows this sacrifice is actually giving the males a distinct reproductive advantage.



The controversy that this is generated, aroused the interest of scientists, which after the experiments were discovered that this behavior is based on the need of the male to maintain their genes, a somewhat desperate act seen from the human perspective.

Actually, there is a reason behind these. It has been proven that females who eat their male partners after sex produce more eggs than those who don’t. What’s more, by eating the male, the widowed female ensures that her man is still providing for their offspring, even though he’s dead.

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