Thai Police Officer Calm Down Desperate Weapon Man With Hug

Have you ever think how sometimes if you just listen to someone instead of judging them then you might find what is hidden in between? This Thai police officer shows how to avoid a risky situation by calming a man armed with a knife that entered the police station.

In the video a desperate man, armed with a large knife enter the police station. However the police officer, Anirut Malee did something unexpected. Instead of reaching out for his gun, the police officer sat calmly on the table and try to convince the man. Then he ask the man to hand over the knife that he was holding.

Once the man hand over the knife, Anirut calmly walked over to the man and gave him a big hug. Anirut then throw the blade away while still hugging the man. Soon people start to gather. Anirut then bring the the man to a chair and continued to calm the man down. They also gave him some water.

Anirut said the man used to be a musician and had been working as security guard for three days but had not been paid.To top it off, the man also had his guitar stolen so he was so stressed over it. He added, he sympathized with the poor guy. So he told the guy that he had a guitar to gave to him and suggested that both of them go for a meal. The poor guy was also taken to the hospital later for a mental health check-up.

The video goes viral on the internet and receives positive feedback from the netizens. You can see the police officer brave act on the video below.


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Source: Kevin W

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