Scary Truth Behind Your Favorite Childhood Cartoon! (Part 2)

(This is a continuation from Part 1)


3. Rugrats 


Most of you must remember Rugrats right? A cartoon where it shows babies talking. However there was some dark theories behind this cartoon. It is said that actually most of the babies were not real. They were just based on Angelica’s imagination. The babies were dead in different ways and Angelica imagined them since she was so lonely. It was said that actually Lil and Phil were aborted ( Angelica imagined them as a twins since she didn’t know what gender will be born), Chuckie die with his mom (explaining why Charles looks so miserable all the time), and Tommy was a stillborn (the reason why Stu spends most of his time in the basement making toys for the baby that he will never have).



4. Courage The Cowardly Dog




We always see Courage had to defend his owner Muriel and Eustace from being attacked by the monsters that came to their home, In The Middle Of Nowhere. However the fans believed that what really happened was Courage was just imagining things. Actually the monsters that come to their home were just humans since Courage haven’t really exposed to what the outside world was. This is because both of his owners, Muriel and Eustace was already old hence they rarely take him out for a walk, making him such a timid dog.



5. Spongebob Squarepants


Photo: Spongebob Galaxy Wikia


I know this will give you such a mind-blown but some of the fans associated that the characters in Spongebob Squarepants each represents the seven deadly sins. Although it might sounds weird but that is what the fans at least thought. The theory states that Spongebob represents lust (not actual lust) because he loves everyone around him. Sandy represents pride (she is so proud of her background), Squidward is wrath ( we all know he get mad all the time), Mr Krab is greed (he loves money), Gary is gluttony (Spongebob always have to feed it), Plankton is envy (he always try to get the secret recipe) and Patrick is sloth ( he is so lazy and slow). Seems logic right?



Although most of these theories were based on the fans assumptions but it might be real. What do you think?


Source:  The Odyssey Online

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