PUISI MERDEKA: Making Malaysia

By: Nadhirah Bh.


What makes a country?

Some people say it is the bloodshed,

sacrifices in honor to declare rights.

Some may say it is the hours killed

in defending the differences of racism and discrimination

that prolonged up until today,

or so it seems?


What makes a country?

Is it the grasping pain that one hold,

in order to gain back what one believes

that shall benefits community and future?

Several might shrug and nod

not knowing the ideal definition of independency.


As we celebrate our annual Malaysia Day,

parading the Jalur Gemilang, honoring the glorious days

there is no denial that those shadows of skyscrapers

are believed to be partial evidence of independency

well-developed mind and ideology;

Malaysia is a country that reflects success in diversity.


What makes a country?

It is the unity of our differences

and beautiful tolerance

that holds one heart; Malaysia’s heart.


Regardless of endless ignorance and past scars,

stories will be told.

However it is until today,

it is because of our differences and respect

we acknowledge each strength and balance

that complies and creates a unity;

which creates a country.


It created Malaysia.

#sehatisejiwa #malaysiaday


Featured Image: New Straits Times

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