People As 5 Genres Of Music, Which One Are You?

When it comes to meeting new people, it is always interesting to know what kind of music that they have in their playlist. Have you ever wonder to yourself what kind of music genre describes you best as a person?

1. Acoustic

Acoustic music is portrayed to be a person who loves nature and are a fan of deep conversations. They are not the type of person who loves technology.

2. Alternative

Alternative music can be described as a misfit or to put it simply, one who does not fit with the mainstream. Even though that might be the case, they are not desperate to please other people and push themselves into other people’s liking. They believe in what they do and have a strong desire about what they want.

3. Classical

Classical music is portrayed as an elegant and fancy person. To put it simply, they are all about manner and attitude.

They love art and shiny things. They have a hard time acknowledging their own mistakes and more likely to ignore other people’s opinion that are different from their liking in a polite way.

4. Folk

Folk music is played by common people in a community. If we were to describe folk music as a person, they are a friendly person and would smile to you in the street despite both of you not knowing each other. You could tell from their taste of music that they have a firm personality and a strong mindset.

5. Pop

Pop as a person is someone who used to be not popular but they managed to grab other people’s attention because of their good personality.

Now that they look more attractive after going through a major glow up, their insane popularity at the moment is due to their great personality and attractive visuals.

Among the five genres of music listed above, which one is the closest to you as a person?


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