NZ Travel Tips And Tricks – How To Cut Your Budget?

[This beneficial travelling tips is written by Benang Ungu]


Hello guys!

To begin with, New Zealand (NZ) is such a beautiful place. Like seriously, if you have the chance, please go there at least once in a lifetime. It’s like a perfect place where you can have all that you need. I am not exaggerating, this is an honest experience and you can ask those people who went there and 99% rest assured, they’d answer the same.

Photo: 100% New Zealand

Okay. As you may read in my post title, it’s basically tips and tricks on HOW TO CUT YOUR BUDGET. I understand travelling will require a lot of money, especially if you’re travelling to a country that has a higher currency than your country. So, what you can do instead is try to find ways on how and where to cut your budget. So for New Zealand, I’ll share with you some wheres and hows on that.

So let’s begin!


#1. Flight tickets

Oh yes, yes, yes! This is where you could first save. Lucky enough now we have Air Asia to NZ. Before Air Asia commenced their trip to NZ, the cost was double or triple than what we can get today with Air Asia. How cheap can it be? You can get as cheap as 1k for a return ticket. Yes, seriously.

Just keep eyeing on your date in Air Asia website 1 year before you start travelling and Insya Allah, you’ll be lucky to get that price. As long as the price is less than 1.5k, you may proceed buying. More than that, you might want to wait first. I usually use Airpaz to keep my eyes on the price.


#2. Itinerary

If you want your vacation to be smooth and less hassle – please, please and please come out with the itinerary first. Itinerary should be done once you’ve locked the date for your vacation. Why do you need itinerary? Because you want to know where to stay which night. When this is sorted, only then you can then book your accommodation.

Plus, itinerary can help you to get some rough idea on what you’re going to do there and where to slot in your wishlist and most importantly, you’ll get the picture of your overall budget so you can prepare enough money before you go there.

Mine would usually look something like this. You don’t have to be this detailed. As long as you get some ideas how you’d spend your days there is good enough.


#3. Accommodation

Photo: NZOnline

This is the best part for me. Once I’ve arranged my itinerary, I will straight away proceed with the hotel or motel or whatever you call it. I will do my booking at Why? Because it’s free cancellation. So fret not!

Just book the accomodation of your choice within your budget on selected dates and you’re safe! You don’t have to pay anything because (ALMOST) all is upon arrival. The choice ranges from backpackers to high-class hotel.

If you’re travelling in a group, I’d recommend you choose motel because it’s cheap yet convenient. Backpackers would suit those who are travelling solo or duo and would like to make new contacts. Just read the description thoroughly in the website and make your choice based on what you prefer.

I changed my accomodation a few times just because I found a cheaper option after I made my first booking. I mean, like I said, it’s free cancellation so nothing to worry about. You can change as long as it’s within the cancellation date (which lasts up until few days before your check-in date).


#4. Activities

Bungee Jumping in Queenstown. Photo: A Global Stroll

Yes. If you go to NZ, of course you have a few activities planned in your head. Do whatever you can and get as many experience but do it smart. How? By checking and taking advantage from this website called They would offer daily deals and again, keep eyeing on it every single day and once you see the one that you want, go ahead and book!

How cheap can you get? Okay, example; usual price for Milford Sound cruise would be NZD80-90 per head but if you get it on a deal, you can get it for as cheap as NZD20-40 per head. So imagine, if there’s 5 of you, how much have you saved? You do the math. They classify the activities based on region. So you see, even easier for you to check on what you want. So go ahead and make use of that website!


#5. Transport

A campervan. Photo: Jeffree Travel

This is another way you could save your budget significantly. Like literally – significantly. How? However possible, try to use RELOCATION CAR. What is relocation car? Okay. Gimme 2 minutes to explain to you before we proceed with the next process.

Relocation car is basically a company’s initiative to have a win-win situation between their convenience and customer’s convenience. Okay, you see, one rental car company has a lot of hubs across New Zealand. Let’s take one company –

So let’s say Jucy has 12 branches across New Zealand. So it’s very normal for them to transfer their vehicles from one branch to another branch. Therefore, instead of hiring a manpower to do so, they open it to the customers. So, if let say, they need to transfer this car from Auckland to Wellington on the 22nd until 25th of April, they will offer this to the customers at a crazy price. Instead of booking a normal rental car at $60 per day (for a  sedan. Insurance excluded), you’ll get the same ride at $1. Crazy enough? Yes, I know right.

So now you know what relocation car is, you can view it here at this website called Insert your preferred dates and just find the vehicle that you prefer. Even campervans are available. Just be sure to check all the details like what are included (insurance, fuel etc), price per day, transmission (auto or manual) and mileage. I usually would go for relocation car offered by Budget company because their cars are top-notch, they give us full tank and we can return empty tank and they won’t force us to take the insurance. So I literally paid $1 per day, guys.

Whenever relocation car is impossible for my schedule, I’d always opt for this company named The reason is simply because their service is AH-MAY-ZING. Never had I ever have bad experience with this company. Their price is also cheaper than other companies. Other companies available are,,,, and just a lot more. I’m listing them here just in case you might wanna compare the price.

Generally, all companies are good. NZ people are very friendly and welcoming but I just personally love Rent a Dent the most.


#6. Mobile Carrier

This is another must-have for travelers nowadays. What is travelling when we don’t have enough data right? So if you ask me, what’s the best carrier for travelers, I’d choose Spark.

However, I’d usually opt for normal package as supposed to travelers package because it has more data capacity hewhew. Just visit their booth in the airport upon arrival and ask for their advice. Other options would be Vodafone and 2degrees. I’ve used all carriers when I was in NZ but I’d say Spark is the most convenient. But then again, there’s only a slight difference between them so the choice is yours!


#7. Food

Photo: Backpacker Guide NZ

Food is a must-try whenever you go travelling. Not much can I say here on how to cut your budget when it comes to food. For me, it’s quite significant because I’m not a big eater.

If you’re like me, never order one meal for yourself only, instead do SHARE! Because the portion is BIG! It’s double triple my portion. So there already save your pennies maaa. But if you’re a big eater, skip this part and let’s move on to the next point.


#8. Shopping

A gift shop in Auckland. Photo: OK Gift Shop

If you’re a sucker of gifts and souvenirs, my advice is never ever do your souvenir shopping in Auckland (unless Auckland is the only place you go so what can you do). Instead, shop for souvenirs in Queenstown. Wellington and Christchurch would do too. Just not in Auckland. One, the choice is limited, second, the price difference is significant. So be wise.

Well, I think these are all. Bottom line is pre-book everything! Cheaper and easier. Instead of wasting your time queuing to buy tickets at a normal (expensive) price, you just show your printed pass.

I hope it does help you getting some ideas on how to plan your trip to New Zealand. So, happy travelling!


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