Museum Of Failure, The Reason Why You Should Never Quit!

Have you ever heard this phrase, “failure is the mother of success.” Maybe at one point you didn’t understand the meaning behind it.

People learn from mistake. When we failed to do something for the first time, we will keep on trying until we achieve what we want.

Being inspired that only by failure you can learn how to improve yourself, Dr. Samuel West, a licensed psychologist came up with the idea of making a ‘Museum of Failure.’

Here are some of the ‘failure innovation’ that you might have never heard before.


  • Colgate beef lasagna


Photo: Google


Can you imagine that Colgate used to come out with frozen food? And it is beef lasagna on top of that!


  • Teforia tea maker


Photo: Google


A coffee maker might be familiar but how about tea maker? Teforia came out with the idea of making tea maker, making it easier for the tea lover to make their tea.


  • Rejuvenique mask


Photo: Google


This mask is a beauty product where it can be use to bring back the ‘youth’ of your skin and enhance your skin condition. But the mask itself is quite scary…


The products above are some of the failure list that are being displayed in the Museum of Failure. It shows that whenever you failed yourself, never give up. Keep on trying because without failure, you’ll never be successful.

Source: Facebook

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