Movie Review: Marrowbone



Have you guys watched this movie? I just watched it last Monday on HBO channel. So, here’s my review about the movie.

The story

In 1968, a woman named Rose, along with her four children, moves from Britain to rural America and settles in her childhood home, the Marrowbone Residence. She urges their children to leave their past behind and make new memories, assuring them they are safe in this new home. Things start off well, and they make friends with a girl named Allie. Unfortunately, Rose’s health worsens and she dies, leaving behind her children Jack (20), Jane (19), Billy (18) and Sam (5). Before dying, Rose makes her eldest son Jack promise to keep his siblings together and hide news of her death until he is 21 and legally able to care for his siblings. Six months later, the one the family was running from finds the place.


Another six months later, the Marrowbone siblings still live in the house. All the mirrors are hidden or covered to protect them from a ghost in the loft, which has apparently been gone for several months. Of all the siblings, only Jack visits the local town to take care of any necessities. Jack tries to make arrangements for the transfer of the house to Rose. He is courting Allie, while keeping his past from her. The town lawyer, Tom Porter, is in charge of the transfer. He is also interested in Allie, and is apparently aware of the siblings’ past.


The Review

Marrowbone is beautifully shot and completely driven by the story.  It has little bit of everything, drama, romance, and lots of suspense and horror, and jump scares. But the highlight of the film is the surprise twist in the story that completely caught me by surprise. In terms of horror, there is enough there to keep you in interested. The horror element is driven by the creepy mysterious house which supposedly haunted. There are even few good jump scares too. The characters in the movie are well develop, the acting from each actors are very talented.


When I read other reviews, some didn’t like how the movie ended. But personally, I was very satisfied with the ending,I am just glad that the movie didn’t ended in cliff-hanger and it full by surprises. On the whole Marrowbone is worth to watch.  It is best to watch the movie without knowing anything about the movie. So if you haven’t seen the movie yet, go and see the movie you will like it.






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