Love Hate Rice

Do you ever wonder how much your words have an impact towards someone? Well, what you said do have a different impact on the other person, depends on the type of words that you said. In fact, there’s a prove that what you said actually have positive or negative outcome. And one of the way that you can prove this theory is by conducting an experiment; using rice.



Now, to do this experiment here’s what you need. You need to prepare rice, empty jars, and sticker label. Then you’re good to go!

  • Wash the jars and let it dry.
  • Cook the rice and let it cool to room temperature.
  • Divide the rice into the jar equally and close the lids.
  • Place the sticker label on the jar each with label ‘Love’, ‘Hate’ and ‘Nothing’.
  • Put all three jars in the same room but on different spots.


Talking To The Rice

Everyday you need to talk to the rice. Yep, you have to ‘actually’ talk to it. Now you have to say the words associated with each of the label on the jars. For example, on the jar labeled with ‘Love’ say something nice to it. You can say words such as “I love you” or ” Thank you” to it. Do the same with the other two jars, for example you can say “I hate you” or You’re disgusting” to the jar labeled ‘Hate’ and to the third jar, as what the labeled say, say nothing to it. Observe the change on the rice conditions for 30 days.


Photo: YayYay Kitchen



  1. Love jar


Photo: YayYay Kitchen


For the jar that was labeled with ‘ Love’, which receives good and positive words everyday turns out to be in a good condition and free from mold, although the water condition appear to be cloudy.


2. Hate jar

Photo: YayYay Kitchen


The second jar, labeled ‘Hate’ that receive negative words everyday was full of blackish mold and orange discoloration and turned soupy.


3. Nothing jar


Photo: YayYay Kitchen


The third jar which is the ‘Nothing’ jar started to developed thick, star-shaped pillows that are both moldy and infected with some kind of pink ooze.


The experiment above was based on an experiment conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto. In his experiment, Dr. Emoto used water to prove that human consciousness does have effect on the molecule structure of the water.

For the rice experiment, words are proven to have impact on someone, depends on the words that they received whether it’s bad or good. So start today by saying something nice to someone. Who knows it might lighten up their mood for the whole day!



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