#LejenFlix: Just Pure Wholesome! Here’s Why You Should Watch Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Recenly, a Kdrama by the name of Extraordinary Attorney Woo has been climbing the Netflix top popular charts. Is all the hype behind it called for? I believe so and in this article, I will list 3 reasons as to why you should watch it!

1. Raises autism awareness in a sincere way

Let’s get the most obvious thing out of the way, the story follows a protagonist that is autistic. Sometimes, shows that revolve around eccentric people, or those that are ‘different’ are executed poorly and inconsistently that it becomes less enjoyable and doesn’t hold believability.

However, both the way Woo Young-woo is written and the way that Park Eun-bin plays the character makes her so real that it doesn’t feel gimmicky or exploitative at all.

Seeing this sincere way of autism being portrayed is both eye-opening and educational without it feeling so.

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2. Character depth for everyone!

Sometimes what you find in shows is that only the main character has depth while everyone else around them seems flat and basic. Not in Extraordinary Attorney Woo though!

Young Woo is surrounded by people who not only believe that she can do great things but are extremely rich in character. From her loving appa (they bond over reading law books), loyal BFF, and supportive workmates (shoutout to the greenest flag, Lee Jun Ho!), the characters in Extraordinary Attorney Woo will surely hold a special place in your heart.

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3. Who on earth doesn’t like wholesome?

I found Extraordinary Attorney Woo in the middle of a breakdown and it comforted me in the best way it can. Everything felt so much better after I watched the first two episodes, and it’s now the K-drama that I look forward to after work.

It gives the feeling you get from Move To HeavenHospital Playlist and Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha combined—there’s solace and humor, along with other parts that make it unique and exceptional.

My emotions were all over the place when I watched Extraordinary Attorney Woo and it made me laugh, cry and root for the main character. There’s only a handful of shows that can do this to me. It’s a legal drama at its core, but it’s also a feel-good series that will provide healing when you need it the most.

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