#LejenFlix: Everything Everywhere All At Once Makes You Feel Seen, In The Most Craziest Way

Directed by Dan Kwan, Everything Everywhere All At Once, is an A24 film that initially sparked a lot of attention during its trailer release after many recognised that it was going to be a film exploring the multiverse concept.

Before this, most people had only seen it from films made by Marvel Studios, comparing it especially to Multiverse of Madness, the newest installation on the Dr Strange film franchise which was released around the same time.

People were ready to compare and criticise, however many found themselves blown out of water with how spectacular the film is. 

An aging Chinese immigrant, Evelyn Wang (Michelle Yeoh) is swept up into an insane adventure by her husband, Waymond (Ke Huy Quan) from another dimension, where she alone can save the world from the threat of her corrupted daughter, Joy (Stephanie Hsu) through exploring other the multiverse of lives she could have led.

It’s bizzare, wacky, and oftentimes you feel like you’re tripping on acid. How amazing!

However bonkers the film was, at the heart of it all though, Everything Everywhere All At Once is a family film. One that has masterfully explored and developed upon the ties within the typical asian family: anxiety-filled granparent-parent relationship, affectionless husband-wife connection, and a always-on-the-wrong-page mother-daughter relationship.

The way that translates into the film will have you crying and laughing and crying once again- which is quite similar to the relationship children experience with their parents as their growing up.

And despite the film following Evelyn’s perspective, the audience are also able to unerstand and feel the perspective of the other characters. 

Such as when Evelyn tells Joy that she was getting fatter and should eat properly. Eventhough we’ve seen that it was the only way Evelyn knew how to communicate to her daughter that she cared, simultaneously the audience could very well relate how that felt on the receiving end. But alas, that’s only an example from their tamest scene, going on would just ruin the fun!

Everything Everywhere All At Once is still showing in cinemas, but you should hurry and not miss the opportunity to witness what could be the most original film of the past few years. Treat yourself to a little crazy experience before it ends!

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