#LejenFlix: Dark, Dreamy & Rich! Netflix’s The Sandman Is A Must Watch For Fantasy Lovers

30 grueling long years until finally, Neil Gaiman’s beloved comic, The Sandman has been adapted for the screens as a 11-episoded series on Netflix.

The story of The Sandman is expansive and epic, about gods, demons, and a group of beings known as the Endless. It’s a wonder how they managed to package it so elegantly into that many episodes. One would think it’s a disservice to Gaiman’s craft, but in fact it’s the exact opposite!

This is the era of mega budget fantasy television, with the imminent arrival of a small-screen Lord of the Rings and the return of the Game of Thrones universe in House of the Dragon. With its debut season, The Sandman can stand proudly amongst them, albeit as their moody goth older brother.

It would be a lie if no one was curious as to how Netflix would handle with adapting it, as well as if they would be successful in doing so. Gaiman’s works are usually those that are of high-concept, which explains his legacy and many waited with baited breath at the final result.

Netflix did not disappoint. They fully committed to the project- reportedly spending $165 million on this first season alone! The result presents a show that looks incredibly cinematic, while David Buckley‘s sweeping score aptly captures the scope of the series.

Source: Variety

After watching the first two chapters – Sleep of the Just and Imperfect Hosts – I have to say that while this isn’t an exact translation, it is certainly a very strong adaptation of the source material. The changes made aren’t too significant, and feel right for the TV format, as well as updating some superficial aspects (the ‘present day’ sequences have been moved to 2022, rather than 1989). The greatest achievement of The Sandman is that it manages to capture the essence of the graphic novels – the key to any screen adaptation.

The 10-episode series packs story that will satisfy the diehard Sandman fans while welcoming new viewers into the world and something you wouldn’t want to miss. Plus, a bonus episode and animated drop may happen soon, so monitor Netflix for more information.

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