#LejenFlix: A Love Story That Sticks To You, An Imaginur Review

It’s been a week since the release of Malaysia’s latest sci-fi romance film, Imaginur. This film has garnered a lot of support and has even raked in a million Malaysian ringgit in its first week, so let’s review it! However, do note that since this is a review article about the film, there might be some spoilers ahead. Reader’s discretion is adviced.

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Directed by Nik Amir Mustapha, Imaginur is about Zuhal, played by Beto Kusyairy as he experiences strange events due to his ‘memories’ being jumbled up. As his story unfolds, he also falls for a woman named Nur, played by Diana Danielle. However, the question begs, who really is she to Zuhal?

If you’ve seen any reviews aside from ours, many have mentioned about the film being confusing for the first half. This is true, and it is on purpose.

Now, how can one expect to enjoy something confusing? Well the answer is you can if you don’t try too hard to figure it out. As the second half serves as explanation and resolution to the story, viewers should just enjoy the joyride of confusion, and be in the same shoes as Zuhal instead of being an outside perspective.

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Ultimately, Imaginur is a compilation of several love stories that are shown through a different approach. A love story between child and parent, between siblings, and between lovers- and how these types of love withstand through time.

The characters are all lovable and each significant to the plot, it’s quite obvious that everyone has put much of their soul into the project and performed at their A game for this film. Even with Afdlin Shauki’s character as the quack Dr with his hilarious moments are not just simple comedy- it’s smart, witty and perfectly timed.

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Now, on the subject of the score, it tied in perfectly well with pivotal scenes- enough that as you hear it fade in, you think, “Oh that’s wonderful music,” but not enough where you’re full taken out of what’s playing in front of you.

Especially with their main original track, Hasrat by Amir Jahari whereby I’m sure many of the audience that has seen it have searched up the song for it to play in their car on the drive back home.

The dialogues are mixed between Malay and English, in which is perfect as personally I think some ideas are better delivered in Malay while some in English. It also feels a lot intimate and casual as most Malaysians carry their conversations with multiple languages.

Nik Amir Mustapha did wonderfully in this film, and so did everyone from the cast and crew. The genre that Imaginur is in, science-fiction shouldn’t really intimidate or even turn people off from viewing it as it’s not really focused on that.

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If you’re worried about being confused, do not fret as it’s part of the experience. And as mentioned previously, it will be resolved and answered by the second half!

Hopefully our short review has tempted you to book your own tickets to watch. And if so, we’d like to wish you a grand time and hope that you too undergo one of the best cinematic experiences our local cinema has to offer.

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