Know Your Skin Type: Which One Are You?

Before buying any skincare products it is important for you to know which type of skin that you have or otherwise you will end up wasting your money. Here is a quick tip to know your skin.


How To Identify Your Skin Type?

There’s a simple test that can be done to know your skin type. Just follow these steps!


Step 1: First of all you need to wash your face with a gentle cleanser to remove all the oil, makeup and dirt on your face.

Step 2: Pat your face dry with a towel and leave the skin bare. Do not apply any moisturizers or serums. Let your skin act naturally.

Step 3: Wait for 1 hour. During this time remember do not touch your face! After an hour, observe and check your skin condition.



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Normal skin:  Feels good and even, not too oily or dry

Oily skin: Is shiny and feels greasy, especially on the T-zone

Dry skin: Feels itchy and tight, has some flaky patches

Combination skin: Oily on the T-zone but dry or normal on the cheeks and jawline

Sensitive skin: Sometimes gets red, irritated, itchy or inflamed



Once you already know what your skin type is, then only you can make purchase of the products that is suitable for your skin. However, if you still unsure and confuse regarding your skin type, it is advisable to go and see the dermatologist to get a more reliable result.



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Source: Skincare by Alana and Best beauty tips

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