Is The Song “Style” About Harry Styles? These Are 7 Taylor Swift’s Songs About Her Exes

Taylor Swift had wrote many songs and definitely earned her title as one of the biggest pop stars out there. She is an accomplished musician and also a very talented songwriter. She mostly wrote about love and heartbreaks that clearly talk about her past relationships. Below are some of the songs she had wrote about her exes:

1. Back To December

This heartfelt apology of a song may be about Taylor Lautner whom Swift dated back in 2009.

2. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

The first single from Swift’s fourth studio album Red is reserved for actor Jake Gyllenhaal whom she dated in 2010.

3. Dear John

No need to guess who this song’s about. Swift wrote about her brief relationship with fellow musician John Mayer (who’s a notorious serial dater himself).

4. Style

Swift really have no intention in keeping some of her muse for her songs a secret. This one leave a clue in the name itself. The music video for this song lays the Harry Styles allusions on thick, with the appearance of the paper airplane necklace that Swift and Styles reportedly swapped.

5. I Knew You Were Trouble

Another post-Harry Styles song whom Swift dated in 2012-2013.

6. Forever & Always

After the infamous 27 second phone call that Joe Jonas made to Swift, that guy should have known that he will be on her next song. And he definitely did not come out well – yikes!

7. Gorgeous

The flirty lyrics from Swift’s sixth studio album Reputation is about Swift falling for a new guy while already dating somebody else. Fans speculate it might be about her current, super-private boyfriend, actor Joe Alwyn!


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