Have you watch the Marvel latest movie Venom? Well it you haven’t Venom is the result of the bond between human and an alien symbiote with a liquid like form that require a host for its survival.



Now you know what does Venom resemble right? You are correct! The act of the symbiote finding a host for its survival is the exact nature of a parasite.

An example of parasite is the horsehair worm. Horsehair worm or also known as Gordian worm belongs to the group of Nematomorpha. It is very thin and long. The creature can be found in the water or wet areas such as puddles or alongside streams but they can also be found in most open outdoor container with water.


Photo: The Backyard Arthropod Project


The adults horsehair worms will mate in the water and the female will lay long gelatinous strings of eggs. The eggs will hatch in 2 to 3 months depending on the water temperature.

Horsehair worm develop as parasites in the bodies of grasshoppers, crickets, cockroaches and some beetles. When it reach the mature stage, they leave the host to lay their eggs. The good news is the are not parasites to human or pets and pose no public health threat.

These long creature is harmless so there is no need for control. Their presence indicates that a cricket or some other host insects got in the container and died, releasing the worm.



Now that is a real-life Venom!

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