Here Are 2 Evidences That Shows Libraries Are Not Dead

For the past recent year, the library seems to be getting less filled than it was before. One particular reason would be mainly thanks to the rise of smartphones and the internet which made the library become obscure to many people.

Although the library is still used by students and young people, any more than that is pretty much nonexistent. Is this really the end of the library? Well not exactly.

Here are two main reasons why libraries are not yet dead.

1. They still provide knowledge

Despite how overabundant and vast the world wide web can be, most of the things that people would look up would not be as accurate as they can be. You can’t really trust random articles unless it was directly published by a trusted source. The library, however, has all the things you need to get information.

Besides that, for students, in particular, they will definitely still need the library because, for one, the library would probably be the only place where they can look upon any journals and articles that were archived. These journals are pretty much become useful for students as they’ll be using it to find out more about a certain field of interest.

2. It is probably the most chill place

The library has always been a place of peace and quiet. It is a place to calm down the mind. It is also a place to find inspirations through all of the books that can be found all over.

Aside from cafes, the library is probably the next best thing if you’re not up to drinking coffee or any other beverages. You can still do your work with your laptop there. Some libraries definitely have Wi-Fi.

It’s also a nice place to meet up and do a nice and quiet meeting with your group. As a matter of fact, most libraries would also have their own area for you to use the computers that they set up. You can use that if you want a quick search on which book was placed on which section.

Libraries can also have entertainment in them. Some libraries would prepare a couple of tabletop games like chess for people to play. They could also have TVs and watch any show you’d like if you so choose.

With all of that had been said, the library does not seem to be dying at all especially when the library itself is a place for a community to flourish. It can also be good because of all of the free knowledge that you can get. You don’t even need to fork out a single cent just to gain hundreds of knowledge.

As Sir Francis Bacon once said, knowledge is power. Knowledge itself is a driving force for almost everything you see around you today. Even the smartphone you use now was made from knowledge. And the Library is one of those places where you can get it.


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