By: Yuhanis Yunus

Being someone that is born with these female organs and female hormones are sure difficult these days!

I am not downgrading a woman, but the challenges that we have to face are real. I am so proud being born a woman, the descendant of Hawa. Woman was born with a lot of strength that Allah has given us the job to carry a life within the womb for 9 months. Not only that, but Allah also give us the privilege to give birth to His beloved ummah.

Imagine that!

We have been fated to be tough since the very beginning, yet what makes me sad is when we are raised in a community that see woman as a fragile creature.

Yes, a woman needs to be protected but woman does not need to beg to be protected.

Yes, a woman needs to have a man to build a future for her and her children but a woman does not need to push away her own future and dream.

Today, I saw my own gender being desperate for love.

Today, I saw girls trying hard to look good not for themselves yet they put on makeup as they want to hear men complementing them for their beauty.

Today, I saw girls left her family as to pursue love.

Today, I saw girls begging their parents to let them marry their loved ones at the age where they have not yet completed their studies.

Girls, please do not be desperate. No one, I repeat no one can love us more than we do.

We can wear make up for our own pleasure. We can buy clothes so that we can be more confident. We can complement ourselves without waiting for others to say it. We will and we can build a more stable family after we finish our studies. We do not have to leave our family in order to build one.

We are in the 20th century where women should have been indulged with the chances of getting knowledge as same as the men would.

Women should be encouraged to study not only cook, stay at home and looking after the children.

Women were born being able to multitask, so yes, stop discouraged us.

I would love to see a community where women are not judged and discriminated and also a community where women would love themselves more and value themselves.

I want to see a community where women can pursue her studies and her dream without being talked bad about.

I’d love to see a day where a woman can decide when to get married and she can choose to marry the guy she loves.

I want to be in a community where a woman is not to be blamed and called out if she wants to continue her career after she got married.

I want to see a day where woman can be as strong and as brave again.



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