Can you believe it’s been 11 years?

Although we didn’t realize it actually it has been 11 years since Girls Generation having their debut. Girls Generation is widely known as the senior girl group in the K-Pop industry. Their hits songs also include Gee, Oh!, The Boys, I Got A Boy and many more!



Starting their debut back in 5 August 2007, the group under S.M. Entertainment actually consist of 9 members which are Taeyeon, Tiffany, Sunny, Seohyun, Jessica, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Yoona and Yuri. However, on 2014, Jessica had confirmed that she had been dismissed from the group due to conflict with the company label regarding the group’s schedule.

Jessica’s departure from the group become a big shock in the K-Pop industry especially towards their fans, Sone (Girls Generation official fan club’s name). Although Jessica departure from the group does makes their fans sad but Girls Generation continue to bring awesome music for theirs fans. In fact, Jessica’s departure does not bring their spirits down but actually encouraged them more to be better for their fans.

Photo: Kpop Chart


Recently celebrating their 11 anniversary, Girls Generation had posted some touching messages for their fans on their SNS accounts. Some of the messages stated that they were grateful that their fans continue to be with them even after 11 years. Below are the messages written by some of the members for their fans.


“We’ve received some fan letters that are really touching. Some of them say “I used to be in elementary school but now i’ve got a job.” When I read those letters, i get really moved and touched.” – Yuri

“We’re in the generation where people live to be 100. Let’s celebrate our 100 year anniversary too!” – Sunny

“Our fans who are still with us for the past 11 years, supporting us since our debut. It’s a precious bond we share.” – Taeyeon

“11 years is such a long time. Spending that long time together is so meaningful, we can’t help loving each other.” – Hyoyeon

“10 years together was hard to believe and 11 years is even harder! I don’t know where the time went but I hope we can continue to spend time together in the future for a long time.” – Yoona


The leader of Girls Generation, Taeyeon said that she hope for the fans to look forward to seeing new sides of Girls Generation in the future. The members also wished the fans to take care of their health and always gain strength by listening to the songs.

We hope to see more from them. Right now it’s Girls Generation!


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