Fun Fact About Foods That Can Blow Your Mind!

Foods are needed in our daily life to make sure that our body get all the nutrients needed in order for it to function well. These fun facts about foods might actually change the way you see foods all this time!


  • Crackers will give you cavities faster than candy


Photo: Southern Kitchen


All this time you might think that eating candy will actually rot your teeth faster. You might be right but there’s many foods out there that are worse for your dental hygiene than candy such as crackers.

This is because acid (not sugar) is the major cause of tooth decay. The crackers turn chewy the longer you chew them and the sticky goo that stuck between your teeth is where the bacteria placed themselves.


  • Purple is the original color for carrot


Photo: Southern Exposure Seed Exchange


Carrots are originally purple or white in color with a thin root. However the orange carrots that we know nowadays are actually the  result of genetic mutation in the late 16th century that had won over the original color.


  • Gummy bears and cars share the same type of wax


Did you notice how gummy bears always have that glossy look on it? Well it is because the gummy bears are coated with carnauba wax, which is the same stuff that is used on cars to make them shiny.


  • Honey will never go bad


Photo: Bee America

Honey is known for its natural state that is very acidic and low in moisture, which is also the primary defenses against food spoilage. With these conditions plus the state where it is always sealed in a jar, it will cause the bacteria die almost immediately.

Other than honey, sugar, salt and raw is also said to have eternal shelf lives.


Interesting right?


Source: Insider

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