Find Out How These Food Can Actually Helps In Avoiding Heart Attack!

Heart attack can occur to anyone no matter how old or young you are. To prevent heart attack, you can eat foods rich in nutrients, fiber and healthy fat as below:

  • Chia seeds


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Chia seeds is very high in Omega-3 fatty acids. That is one of the reasons why chia seed is good for your heart health. Additionally, it also contains high fiber content.


  • Potatoes



There is no reason to reject the potatoes as it is good for your heart. It is rich in potassium that can help lower your blood pressure. Besides potatoes are rich in fiber and it can help to reduce the risk of heart disease.


  • Citrus fruits




A previous study done had found that women who took high amounts of flavonoids contained in oranges have a 19 percent lower risk of getting ischemic stroke ( that was caused by blood clots) than women who did not get as much of this compound. Citrus fruits are also as high in vitamin C and can prevent heart disease.


  • Dark chocolate


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Some studies have shown that dark chocolate can be beneficial to your heart, including a study in 2012 that finding daily chocolate can reduce heart attacks and nonfatal strokes. This discovery only uses dark chocolate which consists of at least 60-70 percent cocoa. Dark chocolate contains flavonoids called polyphenols and can help with blood pressure, freezing, and inflammation.  


  • Oat


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Oats are rich in soluble fiber that can lower cholesterol. It acts as a sponge in the digestive tract and absorbs cholesterol so it is removed from the body so it is absorbed into the bloodstream. Other grains such as bread, pasta and corn porridge are also good for heart as long as they are still in a group of cereals.

A part from eating all these healthy foods, another thing that you can do is keep on maintaining healthy lifestyle and always seeks advises regarding your health condition from your doctor. Remember, prevention is always better than cure!


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