Festival All Around The World: Number 3 Will Make You Drenched Wet!

Every year, all sorts of festivals are being celebrated in all parts of the world. Each of the festivals also have some symbolism to it which make the festival more meaningful. Listed below are some of the interesting festivals that are being celebrated from all around the world every year!


  1. Holi Festival, India


Photo: Visit Trivalley


Holi Festival is a festival that is celebrated by Hindu. It is also known as ‘Festival Of Colors’. Every year Holi is celebrated on a different date. This festival signifies the victory good over evil and also marks the arrival of spring. It is celebrated by showering each other with bright color powders.


2. La Tomatina Festival, Spain


Photo: Tomato Festival Spain


La Tomatina is a food fight festival that was held on the last Wednesday of August every each. The food fight take place in a Bunol, a little village located near Valencia. The festival will stop exactly one hour after. After the fight, fire engine host down the streets will be use to clean up the mess.


3. Songkran Water Festival, Thailand


Photo: Rad Season


Songkran Water Festival is celebrated on 13 April every year and will end on 15 April. This festival is celebrate as a symbol to mark the beginning of the traditional Thai New Year. It is celebrate by throwing water to each other on the street using water guns and splashing each other.


4. Yee Peng Festival, Thailand


Photo: Chiangmai Travel


The Yee Peng festival or also known as Lantern Festival is celebrated on November each year. During the festival, lanterns will be lit up and release to the sky as a symbolism to clear all the bad fortune that happened the year before. This festival is then followed by the Lai Krathong Festival.



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