Family Mart’s Flavours: Which Frappe Should You Try?

All you could see now is Family Mart. Everywhere you go, you can at least spot one Family Mart. There is this Strawberry Frappe that you heard positive reviews about from your friends. You, however, never tried them before. Not a fan of strawberries? No worries, this article will recommend frappes that suit your taste.

For those who is unfamiliar with how ordering frappes at Family Mart works, this is how it works.

1. First, the cookies frappe is available at the refrigerator (regardless of chocolate, milk, or coffee – the frappe is the same for all three of them). Even for the Strawberry Frappe, you need to first get the frappe from the refrigerator.

2. Pay for your frappe at the counter. This is when you tell the cashier which flavour that you want (chocolate/milk/ coffee).

3. Wait for a few minutes then you can drink your frappe.

This is an honest (but not paid) review from all of the Family Mart’s frappes that I have tasted before, so, let us find which one that suits your taste the most.

Chocolate Cookies Frappe

For chocolate fans, this might be the best taste. It is sweet, but not too sweet. You can taste the crunchiness of the cookies and the chocolate-y flavor of the chocolate.

Is it recommended? This is recommended for those who loves the taste of chocolate. If I were to describe the taste in one sentence, it has the right balance of chocolate and cookies.

Milk Cookies Frappe

For those who are familiar with the taste of cookies and cream ice cream, or McDonald’s Oreo McFlurry, this tastes the same.

However, this has a clean taste. Like warm fresh milk with the familiar cookies and cream taste which is also known as the best combination.

For someone who loves the taste of Oreo McFlurry, this one is the best recommendation. It is a little bit sweet, but if you are thinking of something that has light taste and cheap, you can try the Milk Cookies Frappe.

Strawberry Frappe

This is the latest addition to the Frappe collection, which is available from February 28, 2019 onwards.

If I were to describe the taste of Strawberry Frappe, it is sweet. Maybe too sweet for some people. This is worth the try for someone who loves sweet strawberry flavor.

At first, it tastes like strawberry shortcake. It is soft and sweet. As you begin to drink more, this frappe leaves a very addicting taste as an aftereffect.

However, this is not recommended for someone who hates sweet things. It is worth trying for someone who loves strawberry flavored drinks. This might be a biased opinion, but this one is worth your penny if and only if you love fruity drinks.

I have yet to try the Coffee Cookies Frappe, but from what I have tasted before (chocolate/milk/ strawberry), the cookies taste is there. Despite of the hot chocolate, or hot milk, the taste of the cookies mixes well with the drink. I believe it is the same for the coffee one.

My personal recommendation is the Milk Cookies Frappe as it has the most similar taste to what I would define as cookies and cream flavor frappe. It tastes the best, especially during hot days where we are craving for something sweet.

The Strawberry Frappe is not overhyped, however, if someone dislike fruity drinks and simply want to try it for the sake of Strawberry Frappe being the trend nowadays, it is better for you not to.

If you are not a fan of frappe, you can try their snacks, or the other menus. Refer to their website while deciding what to buy for your next meal.


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