Ever Think Of A Short Vacation To Penang? Well, This Might Help!

Ever think of going for a short vacation but don’t know where to go? Well, Penang might be one of your choice! Here is a bit of introduction about Penang.

The name ‘Penang’ originated from a tree named ‘Pinang’. Penang or Pulau Pinang is also known as the ‘Pearl of The Orient’ or ‘Pulau Mutiara’. The states of Penang is comprised of two parts which are separated by the Straits of Malacca – the Penang Island and Seberang Perai.


How To Get To Penang?

If you are from Kuala Lumpur, there are several ways to go to Penang.

  1. Flight. All major domestic airlines go to Penang. It takes about 45 minutes from KLIA or Subang Airport.
  2. Bus. The price range of the bus fare is below RM 40 and it takes about five hours to reach there.
  3. Train and ETS. Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) provides train rides and Electric Train Service (ETS) to Penang. The fare range from RM 60 to RM 80.
  4. Car. Wanna have some personal time while traveling? You can drive all the way to Penang. The highway toll will cost you about RM 45 from Kuala Lumpur. The journey usually takes four to five hours.

 There are three ways to across Penang Island, either using the ferry service, driving through the Penang Bridge – a 13.5 km cable bridge or driving through the Sultan Abdul Halim Bridge which is the longest bridge in Southeast Asia.


What To Do and Where To Eat In Penang?

There are plenty of interesting places for you to visit in Penang and of course, there are variety of local delicacies to try! Here is a list on some of tourist spots and famous local delicacies spots in Penang for you!


1. Penang Batik Factory

In Teluk Bahang, there is a batik making factory. Built in 1973, this factory was the first batik manufacturing factory in Penang. You can buy clothes with batik design here as a souvenir or present.


2. Entopia 

Entopia is located near to the Penang Batik Factory. Entopia (once known as Penang Butterfly Farm) is now a major attraction in Penang after going through a major renovation. You can explore more about Entopia here.


3. Rumah Kelahiran P. Ramlee

Who in Malaysia doesn’t know P. Ramlee? P. Ramlee is a great musician and entertainer that will forever will be love by all. This house was built on 1926 by P. Ramlee’s father and his uncle. In this house, the exhibition scope to the visitors are divided into two main parts which show the living areas where P. Ramlee spent his time growing up and P. Ramlee’s biography (his life and achievements) when he was in Penang. You can read more about the P. Ramlee’s house here.


4. Penang Hill (Bukit Bendera)

Penang Hill is located in Air Itam suburb, in west of the centre of Georgetown. Penang Hill, or also know as Bukit Bendera, is famous for its attractions such as the love lock. The lover’s boardwalk was launched on Valentine’s Day of 2014. Visitors can purchase padlocks, decorate them, and have them secured along the fence.


5. ESCAPE Theme Park

Winner of Malaysia Tourism Award for Best Attaraction/Theme Park 2016/2017, ESCAPE is a fun destination with exciting rides and games hosted in a natural environment. It also demonstrates that there is no age limit to have fun as the rides and games are designed for all age groups. You can check on the entrance fare and membership to ESCAPE here.


6. Warung Kelapa Sawit Juru

Warung Kelapa Sawit Juru is the best place to eat fried Ikan Bawal (pomfret) in Penang. The stall is a 10-minutes drive from Juru toll plaza. It is called ‘Warung Kelapa Sawit’ because the stall is situated beneath the palm trees. Photo credit to ExploRasa.


7. Roti Canai Jalan Transfer

Located along Transfer Road in the middle of Goergetown, this stall has been running for about 90 years. They serve plain roti canai and roti canai with egg. Customers have choices of chicken, beef, and mutton curry as the gravy. Photo credit to Saji.my.


8. Restoran Tajuddin Hussain

Penang is the ‘Home of Nasi Kandar’. You will eventually found tens or maybe hundreds of Nasi Kandar restaurants in Penang. Restoran Tajuddin Hussain is one of the must-try Nasi Kandar here. Located in Queen Street, within Little India, this restaurant is famous for their Rose Chicken. Not only that, this restaurant also serve varieties of menu such as mutton curry, goose curry, and goat’s brain. Photo credit to hungrygowheremalaysia.


9. Hameed Pata Special Mee

Hameed Pata is popular with its Spicy Fried Noodles with Chilli Squid. If you cannot tolerate with spicy food, you have been warned – the chilli squid is claimed to be very spicy. Photo credit to Findbulous Travel.


10. Ais Tingkap

If you ever go to Penang, make sure to find a stall that sell ‘Ais Tingkap’. What is ‘Ais Tingkap’? It is a mixture of sherbet, ice, and coconut water as the main ingredients. Some stalls even serve their ‘Ais Tingkap’ with coconut flesh and basil seeds. This ‘Ais Tingkap’  will definitely quench your thirst under the scorching weather.  Photo credit to Nay, Honey.


Special Mention

If you talk about Penang, you can’t left out ‘Pasembor’. ‘Pasembor’ is a type of ‘rojak’ which is the most popular food in Padang Kota. It is a mixed of prawn fritters, boiled eggs, cucumber slices, and many other ingredients. ‘Pasembor’ is usually dressed with spicy sauce or gravy made with peanuts, sweet potatoes and chillies. Photo credit to Zarul Farhana.


There you go. Hope that this short list will give you a heads up on the places to visit and the places to eat. At least you will not be clueless. Wanna find out more? You can check out for Lejen Komik travelogue-comic series (Penang) – ‘Penang, Here I Come!’ by Pami Ismail at our website, lejen.my and you are always welcome to our bookshop – I Am Lejen Shop at SS15, Subang Jaya. Come and get your copy now!


Here, take a look at the comic!


Have you ever been to Penang before? Tell us about your travelling and food hunting experiences while in Penang!


Photo credit to Getting Stamped and Lonely Planet.

References: Pami Ismail (2017), Penang, Here I Come!. Lejen Komik, Lejen Press Sdn. Bhd.


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