Escalator Out Of Control In Metro Station Rome Causes Injuries To Football Fans

An escalator in a metro station in Rome malfunction and causes injuries towards at least 20 people.

If one had seen the video, they will think as if the video had been put in fast forward mode. The escalator was packed with CSKA Moscow fans headed toward Rome’s Olympic Stadium for the Russian team’s  match against Roma.

Suddenly, the down escalator started to move at a top speed, causing the people ‘piling up’ at the bottom. A witness said that the Russian fans were singing and dancing when suddenly the escalator started to malfunction. “It’s like witnessing a scene from apocalypse,” the witness added.



From the video, it can be seen that the passengers are trying to brace themselves on the escalator as they were speeding towards the bottom. The passengers were screaming and some panicked passengers can be seen trying to climb over the railing to the opposition side to avoid landing in the pile.

Seven people were seriously hurt in the accident but none of the injuries were reported to be life-threatening.

Sources: BNO News

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