Electronic Books vs Physical Copies: Which One Do Malaysian Readers Prefer?

Electronic books vs physical copies still becomes one of the major debate that lingers over the publication world. Regarding to this, I’ve enquired about this to bunch of my friends on their personal preferences and opinions. It can be seen that they did favour both e-books and paperbacks, but of course, physical copies top it all. Here are some of their primer reasons: 


  1. Physical copies give sentimental value to the collectors. Can’t deny that book lovers will definitely have a whole loads of book collections of their favourite series. Some book series even come with a specific book features. Just take a look at this J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter Scholastic book series. Isn’t it captivating to see the books spines form a figure of Hogwarts from your book rack? Plus, just think of the sentiment that you might have when you look at your book shelf – with all those book series and collections. Joy all over.

           Scholastic Harry Potter Paperback Set
  1. Paperback copies bring less harm to your eye sight. Ever heard if you read in the dark then you’ll become short-sighted or long-sighted? Well, maybe by reading through physical copies and not your gadget screens will help you to evade wearing spectacles. Studies have shown that when reading on a screen, we tend to blink less which sometimes cause eyes to become dry and sore – it can tire eyes more quickly than normal.


  1. The smell of every printed pages give such a bliss. This point might sounds nonsense and absurd, but here is the tea! Some people do enjoy the smell of books (including the writer of this article herself). Want to prove this point out? Well, just go to any bookstores near you or you can come to our bookstore – I Am Lejen Shop. Try to peek on some of the readers behavior there.


  1. Readers can easily highlight words and add notes in the books. Stumbled upon a favourite quote from the book that you read? Have difficulties in understanding several words? Feel free to scribble your colourful notes right away.


  1. Save your face from being slapped by your gadgets. Know the pleasure of reading while you’re lying down? Again, this point might sounds ridiculous, but just admit it. All of us have experienced this.


  1. Tax exemptions. Yes, you read it right! In Malaysia, you can deduct up to RM 1000 from your taxes for the purchase of print materials (books, magazines, and journals) and digital materials except for newspapers and banned books. You can read more about it here.


On the other hand, electronic books also have some gains that physical copies can’t offer.


  1. Accessible. By using e-books, you will have the access to any of your favourite reading materials anytime and anywhere. You don’t have to worry if you forgot to bring along your books with you. Using you have the time to explore these e-books applications, look into Kindle. Kindle serves millions of materials for you to read.


  1. Save trees. Well, what more can I say?


  1. Worry free to any faulty and disaster. Readers doesn’t have to worry of easily torn pages. You also do not have to worry whether the books are being misplaced or destroyed due to natural phenomena such as flood and termites. You don’t have to cry a river anymore.


Here are some of Malaysian readers opinions on electronic books and physical copies. Do you agree will all the reasons stated? So, which one is your absolute choice?

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