Decorate Your House: Huge Transformation From An Abandon Double-Storey Terrace House Into White Sleek Home!

Have you watched ‘Deco Bersama Eric’ before? It is a program where you get to make a whole makeover for your house! Just like the program, this house undergo amazing transformation from just an abandon double-storey house. A thread from a Twitter account called Fljasmy shared the amazing transformation of the house.


The white facade that integrates the steel give a huge impact during the day and at night the lighting effect enhance it. Besides that, this house is also build with the feature so that you can park your car inside.


Photo: Twitter


The living hall that was located at the ground floor create a comfort space for the family gathering. It also comes with the multi storage L shape sofa.




From the entrance of the house, it directly focus on the kitchen and the dining area. Mostly wood dominated the space and it blend well with the white space making the house looks spacious.




The transparent roof make the house has its own natural lighting by improving the ambiance at the staircase. During the daylight, this space will have its own lighting.




Most part of the house was being dominated by wood. From the flooring to the floor, wood was used as a major element. It create contrast with the color of the wall and the ceiling.




This is how the house look before the transformation. Scary, right?



Many would say that to do this type of makeover it requires lots of money. But hey, that is the best part of it. To be able to have this kind of transformation does require you to work hard for it. Isn’t it a good thing? After all hard work is indeed the key for everything.


Source: FLjasmy

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