Dear Self

Dear Self,

It’s okay to spend your money on food and all the things that you like,

As long you’re happy in the end.

It’s okay to be broke,

As long as you’ve enough money to live and to go through each day of your life.


Dear Self,

It’s okay to have a crush on someone for years,

As long as you don’t be such a b**ch to have him.

Just wait and you will be with someone soon.


Dear Self,

It’s not okay to pick people as a matter of comparison to yourself when you’re insecure.

You’re great just they way you are.

If people don’t give compliment and don’t appreciate your hard work,

It’s okay.

Pat yourself and say “You have done a great job.”


Dear Self,

It’s okay to feel envious at other people and just keep this in mind:

“You once have all that, too.”


“You will own that too, sooner or later.”




Dear Self,

It’s okay to cry when you’re down and longing for someone.

Don’t stop your cry and let it all out.

It’s okay to mess up in anything that you do.

Keep trying and always remember that you’re the best for yourself.






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