Confession Of The Heart To The One We See No More

Have you ever thought, what would it feel like if one day you never be able to see your love ones? The thought of losing them must freak you out. However, for some people it’s not only a thought anymore. Some of us already go through phase and believe me they know really well the pain of losing someone that they truly cherish.

Recently a post from Twitter caught the attention of the netizens when the owner of the account, El Nugraheni shared photos of her late grandfather walking back home like he used to do back then. She accidentally found the photo when she randomly search for her grandparents address on Google-street view.




She said in her post that it was bizarre yet heartbreaking at the same time. Based on her tweet I can see that she do miss her late grandfather. Her post gets lots of retweet as I think people can actually relate to what she feels.

Now if you look at it again, how long has it been since you last had a conversation with your parents? Or even your family? Or your loved ones?  Looking to El cases, if she did miss her late grandfather all she can do was look at his picture or reminisce the memory that she had with him.

What I’m trying to say is appreciate what you have before you lose it. Make time for your loved ones so that when they’re gone, you do not regret losing them. And what matter the most is, always tell them how much you loved them. At least when they’re gone, you will not regret anything.




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