Coffees Are More Than Just Black, Mocha And Espresso

For a normal person, one would only think of coffee as a single type of bitter drink. However, there is more to it than that. We may or may have not seen a couple of these different types of coffee especially when we take a look at a menu in Starbucks.

Although there are too many different types of coffee that can be found around the world, the ones listed below would be a good start on getting to know the ins and outs of the coffee making world.

1.Jamaican Blue Mountain

Do you know that Jamaica has a mountain named Blue Mountain? Its name was derived from the bluish azure haze that lazily floats around the peaks of the mountain. The Blue Mountains of Jamaica have a unique climate and volcanic soil which is advantageous for growing their famous high-quality coffee. The coffee itself undergoes a rigorous inspection process and is harvested in such small quantities. This way, it produces a rich coffee with a full aroma.

2.Colombian Narino

This one is grown in the province of Narino, southwestern Colombia. The high altitude, rainy climate, and soil of the Columbian mountains create a strong foundation for their high-quality coffee. This coffee has a creamy and viscous body that covers the mouth with a fruity and nutty taste.

3.Hawaiian Kona

This one is a Hawaiian treat. Because of the scarcity and the price of Kona Beans, a blend of this only requires 10% of the beans. Making a 100% roast is quite expensive. A good Kona coffee has to have a rich flavor, bright with acidity as well as having a complex aroma.

4.Mexican Altura

Mexico is currently one of the world’s largest coffee producers ever since it was brought into by the Spanish way in the 18th century. “Altura” means height in Spanish, which describes exactly the altitude the beans were grown in. It has an aroma that one would consider, savory. It is also filled with soft acidity and has a nutty flavor.

5.Columbian Bucaramanga Supremo

The rainy climate, high altitude, and soil of the Columbian mountains is a strong foundation for high-quality coffee. Supremo refers to the large size of the beans, and Bucaramanga is where it was grown at. It has a sweet and rich flavor along with a mild acidity in it.

6.Kenya AA

The coffee farms in Kenya are strictly controlled and known to produce premium quality beans. This type of coffee is grown in the high altitudes of mid-west Kenya and the AA refers to their quality. It has a moderate acidity that comes with full of aroma

There are more than just 6 types and it is simply too many to list it all in one go. However, this would be good enough for any beginner who wants to get to know about real coffee.


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