Can A Black Cat Crossing Your Path Bring Bad Luck?

As far as most of us know, black cats have always been associated with superstitions and bad luck. They were labeled as creatures belonged to witches and a black cat crossing in front of you becomes a symbol of bad luck. Black cats are also believed to be animal-shaped spirits or demons, and these beliefs became more prominent during Halloween.

Centuries ago, in Britain and Europe, having a black cat crossing one’s path was considered as a good luck. It was believed that during the pre-Christian Europe era that the church started to label witches as unholy and pagan, and these black cats received the same backlash.

Cats are nocturnal creatures and they roam at night, causing people to believe that they are servants of the witches, or even the witches themselves.

Although most people no longer believe that black cats bring bad luck, certain are still afraid to cross path with this beautiful dark creature. Here are other beliefs associated with black cats that existed throughout the world until today:

1. It is lucky to have a dream about a black cat.

2. When a black cat enters your dream, it means that you are afraid to use your psychic abilities and have hard time believing in your intuition.

3. The presence of a black cat during a funeral procession is believed to forecast the death of another family member.

4. It is a good luck to find a white hair on a black cat.

5. A black cat seen from behind portrays a bad omen. If a black cat walks towards you, it brings good fortune and if it walks away, it takes the good luck with it.

6. When a black cat crosses one’s path, that person should either choose to turn and walk towards a different direction or cross the cat while holding a button in his or her fingers. It can be a button from any piece of clothing that the person wears.


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