Book Lovers, Here’s 7 Amazing Ideas On How To Start Your Own Bookstagram!

Calling all book lovers out there! In this article I’ve got something amazing to share with you. Well nowadays social media have become a platform to interact with other people. Besides, social media such as Instagram also become the place where you share things that you like with your followers.

Now if you are a bibliophile (a books lover) this article is perfect for you! Have you ever had a situation where every time you want to post your favorite book on social media such as Instagram you ran out of ideas on how to make the picture ‘Instagram worthy?’ Fear not since I’ve some good news for you. Keep reading to know how to turn your Instagram to a Bookstagram!


  • Make a book pile


The easiest trick that you can do is just spread some books on your bed and voila! You have it. Sometimes a beautifully spread pile of books is what it takes to get a really great picture.


  • Turn on some fairy lights


Twinkle lights always add a super pretty vibe to any photo shoot. What you can do is you can string them on your bookcases or string them around your bed for that extra lighting.


  • Show of your cool room


If you had a cool room, why not use it for some good pictures? An example of things that you can do is use the space that you had to add some extra interest on your photos. By doing this, you can get more creative photos with wider shots.


  • Be super organized


On the other hand, another tips that you can do is get everything fit together perfectly, with very little blank space. It is not only super pretty, but also it’s incredibly calming to look at.


  • Make a rainbow


Everyone loves rainbow! So why not use rainbow as your idea? Stack up your books according to the color of rainbow and there you have it, an irresistible Bookstagram worthy photo!


  • Add a cup of coffee


This is probably the simplest of all bookstagram hacks; add a coffee cup. Your photos will automatically look more realistic. Plus when you go to coffee shop you can snap photos of your books with your coffee on the table.


  • Go outside 


How about make some effort for your photos; go out and find some beautiful place with a pretty scenery. Going outdoors will add so much needed variety to your feed.

Go on and try all these amazing tips and make your Bookstagram more pretty!


Source: Twitter 

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