Become A Trendsetter This Raya With Slow Fashion

With the festive season approaching, memories of last-minute shopping for raya clothes and getting to know the hottest looks of the season run through your mind. Not to mention the other Raya essentials: cookies, rendang, open houses and visiting – those are just the few things that are taken away this season due to the pandemic.

But, fret not, for the advanced technology has made Raya feel even closer to home – on video call through your smartphones, that is.

With the accessible online platforms at your fingertips, one thing that isn’t taken away from you is the thrill of dressing up. There you go, browsing through Zalora for the trendiest Hari Raya outfit that influencers have posed for, but know that you don’t need to follow the trends to embrace the fashionista in you. The best way to dress up – is if you listen to your heart.

And to your pocket.

With COVID-19 being the worst thing that has ever happened to us, things are bound to look ugly, especially on the country’s economy – which would possibly mean a slimmer purse for you. The best option now is to save up for living essentials. No, that does not include Jimmy Choo shoes.

But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on the joy of dressing up! In fact, while you are in stay-at-home mode, it’s the best time to work on innovating all that you have at home.

Zara, H&M, Forever21, Pull&Bear. Are you familiar with these brands?

These brands are in the fast fashion category which, although they’re consumed cheap, it has costed us an increasing waste pile of clothes that have gone out of season. These brands usually put out their clothes right off the runway and into the market then transforms it into new trends.

Trends, although it is always viewed as the popular culture’s goldmine, it is the true virus of the earth that loads up heaps of waste. Although following trends helps you fit in, isn’t it better to have your own special style?

To achieve that is with slow fashion!

What is slow fashion?

Slow fashion is a part of the slow living movement that advocates a mindful and conscious lifestyle that is sustainable for the environment. It promotes quality over quantity by slowing down the pace of consumption and is more wardrobe friendly; consisting of staple items that are timeless and essential instead of following trends.

Why not opt for slow fashion this festive season?

1. Reuse your old Raya clothes

As you slow down on consumption, it’s time to stop saying “I have nothing to wear!” and actually look through your wardrobe. You will be surprised to find the old trends you used to love, and perhaps fall in love all over again. Reusing your Raya clothes from last year or a few Raya’s ago won’t hurt no one – trust me, no one will notice a thing.

Perhaps your old Raya clothes has had its fair share of memories with family during the holiday – all the more reason to create new memories with it! Old Raya clothes would be just as good as new ones.

2. Alter your casual or formal wear into a Raya outfit

Slow fashion does not slow down creativity, it even enhances it! Throw on one of your skirts that you wear on casual days and pair it with a top – and you’ll have a brand new outfit for Raya. It’s entirely wallet-friendly, and essentially comfortable just like any other day.

3. Alter your Raya outfits with DIY

If you still have a knack for all things new, the best kind of ‘new’ comes in the transformation of your old materials! Go wild and cut your old clothes to your heart’s desire, as they become brand new: perhaps, from regular sarongs to pareo skirts, or maybe even make a kebaya top out of your cardigan! Slow fashion is not just sustainable to nature, it helps you unleash the true artist that you are.

4. Create a whole new Raya in pajamas!

In the spirit of staying home, why not try out a whole new Raya? There won’t be open houses, but there will still be family (and food!) at home – and that’s all that matters! So why not get comfortable in your pajamas, gather around the dining table and feast to your hearts content? You’ll finally add something new to your Raya family group pictures!

The true essence of Hari Raya isn’t in new clothes and fancy OOTD’s, it’s in being together with your loved ones, sharing a table of abundant blessings. In light of the pandemic that forces you to stay home, you should learn to adapt to more humble lifestyles. It’s all the more worthwhile to be at home with the things you have, and constantly recreate your style with them, than to hoard on superficial happiness of trends that end up in the trash pile.

Buy less, choose well, and make it last. – Vivienne Westwood.


  • Neila Maryam Binti Neil Bakry Marsoh adalah pelajar Fakulti Filem, Teater dan Animasi (FiTA) UiTM.
  • Prof Madya Dr. Mohd Syuhaidi Abu Bakar adalah Pensyarah Kanan dan Timbalan Dekan Penyelidikan dan Jaringan Industri (FiTA) UiTM.

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