Amazing Tricks Used By Advertisers To Make Food Commercials Look Appealing

Seeing every commercial that has surfaced in our lives are always very appealing and somehow hypnotizing. These commercials are somehow managed to convinced us that their products would look the same as how they are presented. Though, after purchasing the products, they are so much different from how the commercial presented to us.

This occurrence usually happened on food commercials particularly.

In order for the food that has been commercialized to look tasty and presentable, photographers use tricky methods in order for the food they photographed to look fresh.

Have you ever wondered how the hamburgers in commercials look fresh and delicious compared to the ones we bought at their restaurant which looks soggy and unappealing. Why would this happen? It is because photographers use clever tricks to make the hamburger looks fluffy and stacked.

1. Fluffy hamburgers

In order to make the hamburgers to look stacked and bouncy, photographers use cardboard between the patty, vegetables and buns to make it looks more appealing.

2. Pancake syrup

Usually, the nature of cakes are like sponge, they absorb liquid quickly. Pancakes are also considered as cakes. When we pour syrup on pancakes, the syrup will immediately get absorbed and this will make them look soggy and hideous. Photographers actually use motor oil to overcome this mess so that they can take amazing photos of the pancake.

3. Whipped cream

Whipped cream usually melts easily like ice cream. Photographers use shaving cream in order to make the ‘cream’ stay fixed to the cake or parfait.

4. Ice cream

Ice cream melts easily and it is not easy for photographers to take good photos of them. The trick they use to overcome this is they use mashed potatoes to create an ice cream that wouldn’t melt.

5. Shiny vegetables

In advertisements, fruits and vegetables are always presented shiny and watery. Photographers use deodorant to make the fruits look shiny and fresh.

This shows us that appearance matters the most when it comes to advertisements. In order to make customers convinced to purchase the products presented, they do whatever it takes to make it look delicious enough.


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