6 Year Old Kid In China Became Live Stream Star For Taking Care Of Her Paralyzed Dad

If parenting can be define as a job, then it must be the toughest job in the world. As a parent you will always try your best to give your children everything that they need and care for them. However, what if it is the other way around?

From Ningxia province, China, a six-year-old girl named Jiajia takes the role of being the one who took care of her parent. This little girl touched the heart of netizens for taking care of her paralyzed father, Tian Haicheng.


Photo: Parenting Isn’t Easy


Her father became paralyzed after involved in a car accident back in March 2016. Due to the accident, his body was left paralyzed from the chest down. This heart breaking story was known to the public when Mr. Tian used a photo-sharing app called Kuaishou in China to document his daughter taking care of him. Shortly after the two went viral on social media, Mr Tian’s account now has more than 480,000 followers.

His wife left both of them with Jiajia’s brother two months after the accident happened. They were married for seven years.



Her day started from as early as 6 in the morning. As soon as she wakes up, she started to massage her father’s muscle for half an hour. Next what she did was she help to wash his face and brush his teeth before she heads to school. During then her father was left with her grandparents who were both farmers.

When she was asked whether she feel tired of having to take care of her father she answered she doesn’t feel tired at all.


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