6 Reasons Why Short Men Bring More Happiness To Their Partners

Nowadays, women ache for a partner or husband that are taller than them. On average, women in Malaysia are 158cm high. The ideal man for women should have at least a height of 164cm or 6cm higher than them. Otherwise, their relationship will look awkward and invoke condemnation from the community.

Just Imagine if all Malaysian women only crave for taller men, how about the fate of shorter men? According to the study, 90% of men also want their partner to be shorter than them while 50% of women want taller men. Is it despicable to have a boyfriend or husband that are shorter than you? Think about it. Did you know short men actually can bring more happiness to their partner? There are a few reasons why you should consider to have a short men as your partner:

1. Respecting their partner

If a short man already felt comfortable with their taller girlfriend or wife, they tend to be more respectful toward their partner in terms of dreams or careers.

These people are conscious of what they lack and willingly accept their weakness. So, they will be more respectful and accept their partner as it is instead of finding what their partner might lacking and belittling them.

2. Love-able and loyal

It is undoubtedly that shorter men sometimes have problems with their social life because they are not confident of their height. Because of this weakness, short men usually try to give an effort for their partner’s happiness.

The efforts and loyalties given will certainly make their other half happier, feel loved and appreciated. Of course, if you love someone you will certainly never complain about giving effort and love that they deserve.

3. They are funnier than you think

They were labeled as a comedian among their circle of friends not because of their petite figure, but due to their funny and lovable characteristics that they show around their friends and partner.

This shows that shorter men are more comfortable to be accompanied and relentlessly make your life happier. No wonder that comedian actors in Malaysia who have shorter physical body have more fans!

4. Confident

Just imagine, if a short man succeed in captivating a woman who was much more taller than him, it will indirectly breaking the typical stereotype of our Malaysian community that size actually does not matter at all.

This shows that short men are also able to seduce taller girls out there and you should not be surprised if one day people find shorter men are way hotter than taller men!

5. Dedicated and hardworking

It’s a fact that short men are more diligent compare to taller men. Psychologically saying, this is due to the strong feeling they have that they do not want to feel the inferiority complex towards taller man. Therefore, they felt that their small figure is a motivation for them to move forward.

Short men also look more open minded and creative. Believe or not, short men do not care about what’s going on around them. They are not easily influenced by the surroundings.

6. They tend to live longer

The study by researchers from the University of Hawaii conducted an observation of 8,003 American men who had a Japanese blood line born between 1900 and 1919. They found that the physical height of a man was directly proportional to their death rate. In addition, shorter men are also found to have lower blood insulin levels resulting they rarely get cancer.

During the research in 2014, a total of 120 participants are still alive and almost all of them were below 157.5cm. To put it simply, short men have less body cells contrary to tall men. That’s why cancer rates are lower. On the other hand, taller men produce more growth hormones that caused cells replicate at a faster rate.

Just in case if any of your friends start commenting “But he is too short”, please explain these reasons to them so that they understand why you are choosing a short boyfriend. The Malays also always said that when a husband is shorter than his wife, they tend to have good fortune!


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