5 Most Haunted Places in Malaysia

The definition of a haunted place is an area where no one has been living in for more than 40 days. It is believed that after this period, the place will be inhabited by subtle entities that cannot be seen by the human eye.

This, however, does not prevent ghost hunters from all over the globe to perform investigations in various parts of Malaysia to experience the excitement and fear of the haunted places in this country.

Let’s take a look at 10 haunted places in Malaysia.

1. Karak highway

Based on the local story, one of the most haunted places and the most dangerous one is the Karak Highway. This freeway can take anyone straight to the two of Malaysia’s most popular places which are Genting Highlands and Cameron Highlands.

Some people did not realize that this seemingly innocent road has witnessed many horrific accidents that had taken the lives of many.

This highway is very popular that a movie called Karak was made and it was based on the stories from the eyewitnesses who passed this road daily.

People often said that they have sightings of Pontianak, a driver-less yellow Volkswagen which you must never try to get pass by it or it will continue to appear in front of you and also a lost young boy who is looking for his mother in the middle of the night.

2. Villa Nabila

For some people, dreaming to have a big house with a huge pile of cash is something normal. They would work extra hard to gain them. However, for some impatient people, they rather find a much easier way to gain wealth in a short period. Even if that way consists of doing illegal things that are forbidden by the law.

The story of the famous Villa Nabila takes us to Skudai, Johor. It is believed that a jealous maid took the lives of everyone in her employer’s family to obtain their heirloom. The family members’ body was then believed to have been buried somewhere in the compound but until this day, not even a single body was found.

3. Shih Chung Branch School

The once-stately mansion of Goh Chan Lau, the villa passed into the hands of Tye Kee Yoon (Dai Xiyun), the Chinese Consul in Penang, who turned it into the Chinese Consulate. After the 1911 Revolution, his son TyePhey Yuen (Dai Shuyuan) became the First Consul of the Republican of China in Penang.

Now the school is hidden inside full forest bloom near Lebuh Farquhar, Pulau Pinang. It was a perfect setting for the film director to shoot a horror film.

What you might experience when you near that place are the horrified senses that even when driving past it sends shivers down to your spine.

There have been reports about sudden and unexplained attacks of hysteria taking over the people who are at the site. There might also sightings of Japanese soldiers marching around that site.

4. 99 Door mansion at Nibong Tebal

It begins 50 years ago when the house was owned by a wealthy family that lives in a lavish lifestyle. It was a wonderful life until in 1948, a member of the family who lived there was brutally shot and the killer was never found.

After that incident, the mansion was abandoned, and a famous local witch doctor used the site as a place to contact the entity from another world.

It is not a surprising matter for them to experience curses and paranormal activities because of its history. This is the reason why it has become a horrifying ground. The locals said that the can feel the evil presence, inhuman growl and unexplained sound coming from the surrounding area of the buildings.

5. Victoria Instruction

It was a location of many ruthless and extreme deaths during the Japanese Occupation. After the school regained possession, students have experienced hauntings from an illusion of Japanese soldiers marching.

Since it was built in 1893, many old buildings are believed to be haunted because it has past 100 years from its construction.

Students there claim that they see a black figure on top of the clock tower. Other paranormal activities are a dead body hanging on one of the toilet doors or even a mysterious girl hanging around on her own. It was like a carnival of haunting stories that were experienced by the students and the staff

Haunted places have many different types of aura. Some of the aurae are meant good to us and some are trying to lead us to hauntings. It was also a place to practice black magic that may lead to a more horrifying scene for other people.


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