5 Bizarre Chocolate Combination From Around The World

Chocolates are enjoyed by billion all across the globe. The sweets that come from cocoa beans are the most familiar candy and ingredient for dessert. The best things about chocolate are that you can get it from various price ranges. The quality of the chocolates determined the price.

Chocolates or cocoa can be used as an ingredient in an almost most dessert. The bitter and sweetness of the chocolates enhance the taste of the dessert. But, there are selections of foods that can use chocolate as their ingredient. Can chocolate be merged in any ingredient to form a delicate food? In this list, we will look into the most bizarre chocolate combination around the world.

1. Squid

It started as an idea for romantic valentines treats, a squid covered with melted chocolate. But do the two ingredients mix up well? The concept of merging a salty ingredient with chocolate is hard to sell.

But if you are up to the idea of merging a salty and sweet food, then you should try these combinations. The natural salty taste of the squid and the sweetness of the chocolate create an unusual salty-sweet combination. However, the texture might be weird to some. Could you imagine chocolate with chewy and rubbery texture?

2. Onions

An impossible to miss food thing canvassed in chocolate at different spots is the onion. Philadelphia candy shops explicitly are known for having the chocolate secured onions as a choice to buy. The raw onion looks somewhat more engaging shrouded in chocolate. However, that isn’t sufficient to include enticement.

The vast majority despise eating a raw onion as a rule. Adding chocolate may speak to some bold spirits. However, it likely will dismiss more individuals unfit to see how the two nourishments could be joined in any structure. Onions are one food not alluring enough to get a significant fan base needing to eat it canvassed in chocolate.

3. Lemons

The idea of combining fruits and chocolate are very common. Strawberries and banana are the most popular chocolate-covered foods in the world. The sweetness of the fruits merged up well with the chocolate. However, it is very unusual to cover citrusy fruit with chocolate.

Lemons stand out as the most bizarre fruit-chocolate combination that has been made. But in certain places, some enjoy these food combinations. The tangy and acidic flavour of lemon makes it tough to eat on its own but rather as an ingredient to add up in water or dessert. Adding chocolate could improve the taste of the lemon, but it likely hurts the chocolate experience when tasting bitterness in between the sweet outer bites.

4. Seaweed

Seaweed is very common to be a source of food to some country such as Korea. It might be polarizing food some who not familiar with it. But seaweed is just the vegetables of the sea, and the addition of chocolate could improve the temptation to some loving the sweet treat. The combination of salty and sweet might be unusual to some. In Korea, you can get these treats in stores, and it is very common snacks.

The “seaweed chocolate” is the fusion of the sea and tropical jungle taste. If you are up to taste the combination of food from two different lands, then these might be the best option for you.

5. Scorpion

Scorpion and other insects are very common to be eaten in a certain Asian country. But the idea of eating it can be terrifying. By adding chocolate, it will look less intimidating. Scorpion is one of the edible insects, so it is safe to consume.

Various places all over the world serve chocolate-covered scorpions as an odd snack. Scorpion can be a good source of protein, fat, energy and mineral. Thus, eating scorpion covered chocolate might be an interesting choice of snacks for diet.


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