4 Signs You Are In A Toxic Relationship

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Have you ever been in a relationship that does not seem to work? We will share four toxic habits you might have in a relationship through this article:

1. You bottle up your feelings

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When you bottle up your feelings, you are just damaging your own mental health and stability. When you bottle up your feelings too much, both of you could end up in a huge fight that could have been avoided.

2. You avoid communication

Your partner cannot read your mind. When you are in a relationship, you and your significant other should always be able to talk and understand each other regardless of the topic.

3. You are manipulative

You convince your partner and make them think something that is not necessarily true. Not only that, you bring up their past wrongdoings just to make them feel guilty.

Just like a manipulative person, you victimized yourself by making it seem like you are in pain and the one who was wronged when in reality you are not.

4. You do not trust your partner

When you bring yourself into a relationship unready, you will most likely suffocate your significant other by thinking that they are cheating or lying to you.

You have to get over your past first. Take your time and do not rush into a relationship that will only bring you more damage. Once you get into a relationship, trust your partner unless they give you a reason to do otherwise.

You can bring your relationship to a whole new level just by changing our actions and ways of thinking.


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