4 Reasons Why Graphic Designers Choose Macs Over Windows PC

Macs are famous among the graphic designers, 3D modelers and developers. In fact, we can see them almost everywhere. Many designers consider Macs as superior tools. No matter where we go, Macs are the best bet for the designers. These are 4 reasons why Macs are highly preferred over Microsoft Windows.

1. Easier to purchase

Compared to Windows PC, Macs have fewer configurations and models to choose from. This is due to the fact that anyone can make a Windows PC and only Apple can produce Mac products. Choosing a Windows PC can be a little bit troublesome since there’s a vast amount of models and specs unless you know what you are looking for. If you are just someone who wants a computer that is good enough without having to do a lot of research, Apple is just the one for you!

2. Adobe Photoshop was invented on Mac

In 1988, the very first version of Adobe Photoshop was built by John and Thomas Knoll on Mac. During that time, Mac was the only computer that have the ability to handle the program they were inventing.

3. Macs are safer against viruses and malware

In contrary to Windows PC, Apple presents a smaller target for hacker as they can hack more computers by aiming for Windows which require lesser effort. However, Apple is working on their own protection for the macOS as the increasing number of virus targeting on Macs in the recent years.

4. The design itself

The most notable thing about Apple’s products is the design itself. Apple took years to come out with the design of their products. Designers favour Apple’s products as they are not only convenient to use but also pretty and consistent. The most noticeable thing we can see nowadays is the fact that most of the Apple’s products are considered as ‘fashion gadgets’ which is the main reason why people buy them.

In the end, it is still a matter of individual preferences. As things evolve, there is no major different factors between Windows and Macs. You can make a good design on PC just as how you can make a great design on Mac. The bias towards using Macs over Windows PC are based on the long history of graphic designers that use Macs from years ago and it becomes a tradition to use them even now. Whichever the platform might be, the choice is still in your hand.


  • Atikah Zakaria is a student at the Faculty of Film, Theatre and Animation.
  • Dr. Mohd Syuhaidi Abu Bakar is a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Film, Theatre and Animation.

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