4 Easy Steps To Improve Your Posture

Back in the day, women were forced to balance books on their heads to practice good posture. Although that is a thing of the past, good posture matters just as much as healthy skin and diet, which is all the rave nowadays.

What most people don’t realize is how slouching affects their appearance, but more importantly poses threat to your health in the long run.

Sure, you don’t have to say it’s your fault. It’s from sitting too long in front of the laptop, from looking down on your phones while walking, or just from the tendency of sitting with your legs up on an upright chair.

Posture is an alarming issue, especially now that we are left to our own devices and self-discipline to carry out healthy lifestyles at home, despite limitations of space. Maintaining ideal structure wont just make you look pretty, it has scientifically proven benefits to your physique, such as:

  • Improved balance, so planking wouldn’t be too painful anymore.
  • Less back pain, to remind you of your actual age
  • Lower risk for injury, with better physical support
  • Less fatigue, to keep active throughout the day
  • Less headache, to maintain your focus
  • Improved breathing, to ease your lungs
  • Better circulation, to allow blood to easily flow through blood vessels and organs

If you’ve been slouching all your life, now is the time for change. Did you know habits can last if they are practiced for 21 days straight?

Consistency is key. Here are some easy suggestions to straighten up.

1. Sit correctly

The simplest, yet most challenging solution is to sit properly. These are a few tips to keep in your mind:

  • Relax your shoulders and sit up straight. Make sure your back isn’t hunched.
  • Place your feet firmly on the floor. Even if you’re short, the right chair can help you achieve this.
  • Sit back in your chair to support your spine
  • Make sure your computer screen is at eye level to prevent your neck from bending forward or backward (extra tip: Get a laptop stand)

2. Change positions often

Sitting for lengthy periods of time can cause strain. For every 20 minutes after facing work on the computer, take a break, stretch it out, and have a kit kat!

3. Avoid putting your body in awkward positions

The urge to sit cross legged on your seat is real, but there are other angles our bodies have been positioned. One example is holding a phone on one shoulder or from staring down at your laptop screen for too long.

There’s no need to trouble yourself through slouching for a simple task. Use your phone on a speaker or earphones and adjust your screen below eye level so you won’t have to curve forward.

4. Balance the weight you put on your shoulders

If you feel like life is a burden, ease yourself from carrying too much. But we also mean, the literal weight you put on yourself in carrying bags when you travel or on regular days.

Opt for a backpack for equal weight distribution instead of having a tote bag hanging at only one side of your body. However, if you love your trendy tote too much to give it up, try alternating the side of your body that you carry it on to prevent muscle pain.

Stop slouching! Be good to your body today.


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